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What To Do If There Is No Will

It can be a complex process to determine who is entitled to
the estate, when a loved one dies without leaving a Will.

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Do you feel like you have been left out of a Will, not left enough, or that the Will is invalid? If so, you may be able to contest it.

There are several grounds for contesting a Will. For example:


Reviewing available Inheritance Tax allowances and ensuring these can be utilised in the best way.

Determining if any exemptions apply to the estate, or any assets within the estate. For example, assets passing to a spouse or civil partner; gifts to charities; and certain business and agricultural assets are exempt from Inheritance Tax.

Assessing steps that can be taken during an individual’s lifetime to mitigate a tax liability (without, of course, leading to adverse outcomes during that person’s life).

The person making the Will didn’t make reasonable financial provision for you and you were dependent on that person.

Whatever your concern, we can review the position with you and guide you through the process of raising these concerns.

We know that such disputes can put a strain on families and can lead to significant legal costs. We therefore aim to assist you to find an out-of-Court solution wherever possible and focus on opening a line of communication that can lead to constructive negotiations.

Of course there may be some situations where Court proceedings are required, and in this situation we will advise on the risks, likely outcomes and costs, and can also connect you to a barrister that is right for you.

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What To Do If There Is No Will

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