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Executor’s Duties

Learn more about the role an executor of an estate
and what it entails.

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You’re considering who to appoint as Executor for your Will or you’ve just found out you’re the Executor for a deceased family member. So what do Executors’ duties include?

In a nutshell, the Executor of an estate is responsible for getting a deceased person’s affairs in order. As this role can often be quite a burdensome one, anyone named as Executor in a Will does not have to accept the responsibility. However if they choose to do so, they are then committed to all it entails.

Executors have sole authority to administer the estate and any assets whilst ensuring that their decisions do not violate the position entrusted to them by the deceased.

Executors’ duties can include:

  • Determining the deceased’s assets and organising their collection
  • Applying for a grant of representation; required to legally prove the deceased’s assets and presented when requested.
  • Settling any outstanding debts and taxes, including credit card bills, owed by the deceased.
  • Dividing and distributing the estate to any heirs or relevant parties.

Whether you’re choosing an Executor to administer your estate when you die, or you’ve been named as an Executor in someone’s Will, it’s important to understand the extent of an Executor’s duties so that the person taking on this role has the requisite time and skills. Executors’ duties can often involve tedious tasks and stressful decisions – but if you need some support, we’re here to help.

Gillhams specialises in advising on Executors’ duties and in acting as the Executor of an estate when asked to do so. Our experience in post-death matters is relied on by clients across England and Wales. They trust us to guide them through their obligations. And when we do they discover that, in carrying out their Executors’ duties, they’re not alone.

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Executor’s Duties

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