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How to Obtain Probate

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As specialists in post-death matters, we’re often asked how to obtain probate; it isn’t something that is obvious or familiar to most people.

Our brief guide to the basics of how to obtain probate

Identify the executor. They should be named in the will.

Complete a probate application form and an Inheritance Tax form (not as straightforward as it sounds because it calls for a valuation of the estate and a tax calculation).

Send the application to the Probate Registry. Enclose other documents including the original will, the Inheritance Tax form and an official copy of the death certificate. You’ll also need to pay an application fee.

Sign a statement of truth that the information you have given is true to the best of your knowledge.

If there is Inheritance Tax to pay, you will usually have to pay it at this point.

All being well, the Grant of Representation will then be issued. This marks the beginning of probate and means that the executor can start administering the estate.

We advise executors and the families and friends of people who have died on how to obtain probate, taking them through the steps and helping make sure that everything is done properly. Clients often ask for specific help in completing the forms, dealing with tax and checking that their application is complete.

And our involvement needn’t end once probate has been granted; we’re on hand to advise on the practicalities and legal considerations involved in dealing with a deceased person’s assets and liabilities.

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How to Obtain Probate

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Our probate services:

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How to obtain probate

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