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If a family member or friend loses the ability through mental incapacity to make their own decisions you can apply to the Court of Protection for permission to make decisions for them.  To apply, you will need a doctor’s certificate to confirm to the Court that the person you are applying on behalf of cannot make decisions for themselves. You will also be required to complete some Court forms.

It is very important that the Court forms are filled in properly or they will be sent back.  It can take a long time to complete the forms and it is important that you know exactly what powers you will need to apply for.  For example, you might only need the power to help your friend or relative to manage their money, or to make decisions about what treatment they receive in hospital.  Or you might need a much more general power, which will allow you to help them with all their day to day decisions about their money, their property, and their health and well-being.

We can help you to work out which forms you will need and we can complete them for you to make sure that they can be processed by the Court of Protection without delay.

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