About Us

It was 1935 when we first opened the doors of Gillhams’ office in Lovat Lane in the City of London. A lot’s changed since then.

We’re now a team of modern-day lawyers advising businesses and individuals. Some of our people have been here since the firm was re-launched by long-time friends and colleagues Russell Caller and Anthony Krikler in 1996. Others are more recent recruits who saw what we do and wanted to be a part of it.

Our office in North West London buzzes with collaboration. There’s chatter and laughter; it’s a comfortable, reassuring place to be. There’s a confidence about the way we do things and the expertise we own. We work hard and we work efficiently, creatively, commercially. The issues we deal with are complex, but we’re straightforward people. We’re not  keen on jargon, so we use plain English. Or Greek, French or Gujarati if clients prefer us to.  

Clients are based all over the UK and internationally. Some deal with us by phone, email, video conferencing, Skype. Some come to the office. We meet others elsewhere, at their homes if they can’t get to us. Sometimes they’re surprised to get hold of us outside office hours, but we like to be accessible. Because clients’ problems don’t just happen, or play on their minds, between nine and five.

So these days we do things differently. But there are some things we’ve kept the same. These are Gillhams’ core values. And we think they’re what make us more than a law firm.

We’re proud to be lawyers who treat clients in the way we’d like to be treated. Politeness, respect, helpfulness, clarity and integrity. They’re ingrained, instinctive. We do what we say we’ll do and we do it well, going the extra mile whenever we can. It’s our way of doing things. And it’s led to us being accredited under the Law Society’s Lexcel quality assurance mark for our excellence in client care.

At Gillhams we’ve taken the best bits of the traditional law firm and combined it with everything that’s great about modern legal practise. The result? A successful and respected firm which delivers what clients expect, and much more.

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