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The best legal support isn't delivered by lawyers. It’s delivered by lawyers who are real people. At Gillhams you'll find experts who engage with you, who understand what you’re going through and who care. People who have lives of their own and who enjoy making yours a little easier.

Traditional values: Innovative Solutions

Fresh-thinking lawyers. Unraveling problems, creating solutions. We have our own way of doing this. It's founded on two fundamentals: we care about the service we deliver, and we never lose sight of the relationships and integrity that drive us as lawyers.

Traditional values:  Innovative Solutions

We know there’s more to life than legal problems. Our job is to help clients see that too.  It’s partly about making ourselves easy to deal with. So our advice is always clear, and we’re available and accessible – visiting clients at home if that’s what they need. It’s about putting things in perspective too and finding ways of making the law work for you, not against you.

Traditional values:  Innovative Solutions

A realistic outlook is as much about positives as negatives.  Sound refreshing?   It’s the way we see things at Gillhams. We don’t deal in clients’ false hopes and we never underplay a strong argument.  We prefer to tell it as it is– the good, the bad and the risky– with sensitivity, empathy and unwavering support.

Traditional values:  Innovative Solutions

Clients’ best interests are paramount. We don’t focus on anything else. At Gillhams, every client stands out. Their needs are unique, and so is the support we give them.

Benefits of Mediation for Court of Protection disputes

My role as a Court of Protection Deputy

My role as a Probate Lawyer

My role as a Leasehold Enfranchisement Specialist

Latest News from Gillhams

Gillhams offers Fixed Rate Fees for Mediation Service

Gillhams are proud to announce that from April 1st 2015, we will be offering fixed rate fees* for our Court of Protection Mediation Service. 

Three partners from Gillhams appointed to OPG Panel of Deputies

Three Gillhams’ partners have just been confirmed as members of the newly re-configured Office of the Public Guardian Panel (OPG) of Professional Deputies...

Latest Articles from Gillhams

What happens to my estate if I die without a Will? Recent Changes to the Intestacy Rules

When someone dies without leaving a valid Will, the law steps in to define who is entitled to their property and how it will be divided up. We refer to these laws as the Intestacy Rules.

Can You Justify Your Service-Related Pay Scheme?

The Court of Appeal has ruled (Wilson v Health and Safety Executive) on the correct approach to objective justification in equal pay claims...