Russell Caller

Managing Partner

Russell Caller is Gillhams' Managing Partner. He leads the way with a breadth and depth of experience, a unifying personality and an incisive legal mind.

Russell is extremely skilful in explaining complex legal matters often of a sensitive and personal nature, in an easily understood way with clarity, openness and empathy.

Since 1999 he has used these skills in his role as a CEDR accredited mediator, to resolve complicated and often contentious disputes between parties in conflict.

Russell has also been a Court of Protection panel-appointed professional deputy since 2000, acting as “Deputy” for many individuals lacking the mental capacity to look after their own affairs. In this role Russell works hard to ensure that all parties to the process - doctors, health workers, social workers, the family and the person lacking capacity - are all able to have their views heard and considered before he makes a decision as to what is in the ‘best interests’ of the person on who’s behalf he is acting.

During this process Russell has often made use of his mediation and people skills to navigate the views and interests of family members and service providers. Where families have been in dispute with one-another or with the professional decision-makers, he has successfully developed and facilitated a formal Mediation process, assisting disputing parties to find a suitable solution to their dispute, leading to an agreement that all parties can buy into. See case study.

Russell is now offering this Mediation service to both professional decision-makers and families and friends struggling to resolve a ‘best interests’ dispute.

Relevant Professional Experience

  • CEDR Accredited Mediator – 1999
  • Court of Protection panel-appointed Professional Deputy - since 2000
  • Founding Managing Director of Dispute Mediation Limited - a Mediation Services Company dedicated to resolving Disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and in particular Mediation.
  • General Editor of “ADR and Commercial Disputes” published by Sweet and Maxwell -2002.
  • Member of Solicitors for the Elderly since 2011