Gillhams Care

Gillhams Care is about helping social housing landlords look after the welfare of their residents.

It’s an idea that was borne out of two of Gillhams’ specialist areas: Social Housing and Court of Protection work. We realised that some of our social housing landlord clients were finding it difficult to fulfil their obligations to manage the affairs of residents with mental incapacity issues. Many had no experience of this and found the legal, social and financial processes too onerous or too confusing.

We started to give some of our landlord clients a steer in the right direction. And, pretty soon, it was clear to us that our experience in taking care of vulnerable people’s welfare can add real value in a social housing context. 

Gillhams Care is founded on the principle that every mentally incapacitated person deserves to have their financial, social and legal needs properly looked after. It’s something we have believed, and practised, for more than 30 years.

Two members of our team, including Managing Partner Russell Caller, are Deputies appointed by the Court of Protection to look after the property and affairs of people with mental incapacity. To put this in context, there are only 11 Deputies in the London area and 60 nationwide.

Other members of our team specialise in advising clients and their families on the management of interests. This is what they do day in, day out. And it’s what makes them the first port of call for hundreds of new and existing clients every year.

Together, through Gillhams Care, we offer social housing landlords a helping hand.

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For legal advice on how to support vulnerable and incapacitated residents, contact us online, or call us on +44(0)20 8965 4266.

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