Our People

People matter to us. You’ll see that in the way we work. And you’ll see it in the way we are.

A team of like-minded lawyers. We laugh together, share ideas, use each other’s expertise. We have a passion for delivering legal services with empathy, clarity and creativity. And we’re not afraid to admit that we’re people with personalities, interests and both feet firmly in the real world.

Our professional and cultural backgrounds are rich and diverse. But we blend into one group of experienced, deeply focused, reliable lawyers. Where we’ve come from makes us interesting. Where we’re going makes us exciting. And it makes us good at what we do.

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Lisa Cornish
020 8453 8826
Court Of Protection, Gillhams Care, Lease Extensions, Powers Of Attorney, Residential Property, Wills, Post Death Matters
Christopher Poxamatis
020 8453 8824
Court Of Protection, Gillhams Care, Residential Property, Wills
Hina Tailor
020 8453 8788
Court Of Protection, Gillhams Care, Powers Of Attorney, Wills, Post Death Matters


Russell Caller
Director, Court of Protection Services
020 8453 8781
Court Of Protection, Gillhams Care, Company/Corporate, Lease Extensions, Powers Of Attorney, Social Housing, Post Death Matters
Anthony Krikler
Director, Dispute Resolution
020 8453 8780
Commercial, Company/Corporate, Dispute Resolution, Disputes and Litigation


Sarah Ahchoon
Trainee Solicitor
George Bensted
020 8965 4266
James Carmody
020 8965 4266
Caroline Greenbourne
020 8965 4266
Monika Haidar
020 8965 4266
Residential Property
Cansu Hussein
Trainee Solicitor
Michael Prosser
020 8965 4266
Commercial, Company/Corporate