Investors in People

At Gillhams, we’re proud to hold the Investors in People accreditation.

This is a quality mark regulated by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. It provides a framework by which organisations can effectively manage and develop their people, and improve overall performance.

Why invest in people?

People are at the heart of every organisation.
On a personal level, we love to see our people doing well, getting new qualifications, building on their knowledge, their skills and their experience. But we also recognise that our success as an organisation depends on getting the best out of everyone.
That’s what Investors in People is all about;  investing in people for success. And Gillhams achieved the accreditation in recognition of our internal practices and procedures, which encourage development both in our employees' professional and personal lives.

Gillhams’ perspective

The business benefit of Investors in People is not just in the bottom line. It’s also in the fact that we have staff who are motivated, eager to develop and ready to accept change. Our ability to respond positively to change and make our processes work are two of our most important assets.

How do we invest in people?

Every person in our organisation is encouraged to improve their own performance and contribute to the improvement of others' performance. Our people know that their contribution to the firm is valued and that Gillhams is committed to ensuring equal opportunity in the development of our people.

We have a plan with clear aims and objectives, and our people really understand and appreciate the ways in which they, both individually and collectively, help achieve them.

Our Managers are effective in supporting the development of all our staff. Consequently, we all learn and develop effectively.

We understand the ways in which the development of our people improves the performance of our law firm, teams and individuals.

What does this mean for clients?

We’re a progressive, inclusive firm which has people at its heart. Every step we take towards improving some part of what we do, is of direct benefit to the clients who instruct us. Ultimately, that’s why we do it.

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Court Of Protection, Gillhams Care, Lease Extensions, Powers Of Attorney, Residential Property, Wills, Post Death Matters
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Court Of Protection, Gillhams Care, Residential Property, Wills
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Court Of Protection, Gillhams Care, Powers Of Attorney, Wills, Post Death Matters
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Director, Court of Protection Services
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Court Of Protection, Gillhams Care, Company/Corporate, Lease Extensions, Powers Of Attorney, Social Housing, Post Death Matters
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Director, Dispute Resolution
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Trainee Solicitor
George Bensted
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James Carmody
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Residential Property
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Trainee Solicitor
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Commercial, Company/Corporate


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